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ALRT solves the largest problem in diabetes management (Clinical Inertia- failure to advance therapy on a timely basis) with unique and revolutionary features such as patent pending predictive A1C, FDA cleared insulin dose adjustments, non-insulin therapy advancements, direct meter uploads, data processing, remote care, and more.

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Stock Information

Trading on OTCQB since 1999, ALRT has demonstrated a solid opportunity to leverage the rapid growth of the biotechnology industry.

Company Profile

ALR Technologies is a data management company that developed the ALRT Telehealth Solution, a comprehensive approach to diabetes care that includes: an FDA-cleared and HIPAA compliant diabetes management system that collects data directly from blood glucose meters and continuous glucose monitoring devices; a patent pending Predictive A1C algorithm to track treatment success between lab reports and an FDA-cleared Insulin Dosing Adjustment program. Currently, the Company is focused on diabetes and will expand its services to cover other chronic diseases anchored on verifiable data.

In addition, the animal health division has identified an unmet need in diabetes care and has developed a solution to assist veterinarians in determining the effectiveness of insulin and helping to identify the appropriate dose and frequency of administration for companion animals. Thus, delivering the same optimization of diabetic drug therapies to pets as to humans.